Contracting Officer/Sub-Contracts Specialist

Satsyil Corp is looking for resources with experience and to act in the capability of a Contracting Officer/Sub-Contracts Specialist that will lead Satsyil Corp into the future and assist with Contract Growth and Maintenance. Looking for a specialist that has experience with IT federal contracting including work with various contracting vehicles. This specialist would also assist in maintaining Subcontracts with partners and vendors. Responsibilities could include the following:

Job Description

  • Be responsible for every phase of contract development.
  • Manage direct communications and act as Liaison between Government Agency customers, Satsyil Corp and employees/contractors in regards to contracts and compliance.
  • Evaluating bids, preparing contracts, and negotiating terms as required.
  • Prepare and submit Purchase Requests (PR&C).
  • Proofread, edit and fact-check legal documents for accuracy and consistency according to the guide provided by the client/customer.
  • Be responsible for the creation and maintenance of Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan/Checklist (QASP). Maintenance contracting related records and files.
  • Assist in Project Control and work to verify availability of Funding – Submit packet to request funds.
  • Assure Government Furnished Property/Equipment (GFP/E) is being properly maintained and accounted for.
  • Follow through and validate personnel have required licenses, certifications, and security clearances as required by contract.
  • Assist and develop reporting to accurately identified deliverables required to be delivered to the customer/client.
  • Monitor, document and track Satsyil Corp and subcontractor’s performance in accordance with the requirements, terms and conditions of the contract and agreed schedule (CPARS).
  • Validate contractor’s reimbursable purchases are actually received before being billed to the Government.
  • Track contract costs – depending on type of contract.
  • Support and request contract changes through the Contracting Officer as necessary.

3+ years in Contracting. Have Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) a plus. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills both verbal and written and detail-oriented. Self-motivated and self-monitoring progress. Well organized and the ability to multi-task on several projects simultaneously. Ability to work virtually or in an office setting. Ability to identify, analyze and suggest solutions. Work independently and as well as part of a team.

Education – Bachelor’s Degree relating to Business Administration or equivalent years of direct Contract support experience

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SBA U.S. Small Business Administration
CMMI Appraised
ISO 27001
ISO 20000
ISO 9001